23rd March 2020 seems a long time ago already. With recent comments from the Government it seems like we should be preparing to go back to normal. I wonder why…

Back, in this context, seems a negative step to me. Why aren’t we going to be using all of the things we have learned during the periods of lockdown and social distancing to propel our business, or organisation forward?

How many of you, for example, will continue with virtual meetings? Will the popularity of file sharing fall off a cliff? If they are valuable now, they will be valuable in the future. It is our decision to use all the resources at our disposal appropriately.

Distances, and Distancing, are Normal

One of our greatest success stories for distanced learning is the Open University. They have issued more that 2 million degrees, and other qualifications, since they opened in 1969.

How distanced learning operates has changed dramatically. We have moved from postal distribution of materials to use of online portals. CBT’s and webinars are common place both inside the corporate market and available to SME’s.

There isn’t much to be scared about either. There’s no sexy It set up required, although it can get very technical if you want it to.

I use virtual meeting rooms, file sharing sites, webinars, as well as the telephone to make sure that I keep in touch with people. That is what is most important, staying visual. And I’ve video conferencing for many year, so why back to normal?

What Does Normal mean to you?

All of us will have an idea in our head of what normal is.

Anyway, to get on with things, I remember going to the phone box down the street to make a phone call when I didn’t want my parents listening in on. Yes, I am that old. I really wouldn’t want to go back to that normal, would you?.

Also, I wasn’t the first to use mobile technology, but I have been the most innovative in using it’s features in some of the groups I belong to. That’s my normal now. And it’s a long way from using the phone box, don’t you agree?

How do we get to know about what we adopt? Well, sometimes comes from peer pressure and sometimes from a genuine want to change. And ,of course there more options too. More often than not we love the change – in the end. For example, video recorders created a whole new arena of electronics innovation. We got our because of peer pressure.

So, if you relied on footfall for your business, do you have to rely on it in the same way now? How can virtual experiences enhance your offering to tempt people to you? As you can see, others have been able to utilise technology. And you can too. This will be the normal we will talk about in the future.

To round it off

Where are you on your journey? Do you want to go back to normal? or do want to use what you have learned to succeed in a different way. Every journey start with a single step and you can take yours with us.

Based on our previous blogs, this one is quite light on detail. Please look through the other blogs and see if the information you want is provided. Some of what I provide is very detailed.

An example of something more detailed is: https://eyebray.com/identifying-change-that-works/. There’s also many more at: https://eyebray.com/category/change/ .

We would be pleased to answer your enquiry through enquiries@eyebray.com, by calling 0743211611, or why not try https://wa.me/447943211611 .

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