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Preparing to go Back to Normal

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23rd March 2020 seems a long time ago already. With recent comments from the Government it seems like we should be preparing to go back to normal. I wonder why… Back, in this context, seems a negative step to me. Why aren’t we going to be using all of the things we have learned during […]

Don’t be Stubborn – Get Some Support

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In the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown lots of businesses are wondering what can I do now how can I survive, where can I get some support? Now is not the time to be stubborn, but to get some support to have the best opportunity to be relevant once the crisis is over. A key […]

Identifying Change That Works

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Knowing what will need to change so that things get better for you can be very daunting. The common thought can be “I can’t see the woods for the trees”.  So how can you identify what change works for you? There is an old adage that says each journey starts with a single step.  It […]

When change is right for you

How to Know When Change is Right for You

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There’s lots of clichés around like “change is the new normal”, but if you carry on doing the same thing day after day you will, in truth, be going backwards.  So how do you know when change is right for your business? It is actually quite simple.  New entrants into your market will be bringing […]

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Start With The End in Mind

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Isn’t it a cliché when you want to change something your bank manager or your accountant will say make sure you start with the end in mind. Is this really jargon, or something made up so that people can make money out of you?  Haven’t you already done something different so that you can adapt […]