Well you’re here. Why? 

What’s giving you a hard time? Or are things just not making as much sense as usual?

Running a business can be like that and knowing where to turn can be tricky. Words like Change Management, Compliance, Governance, Planning and Risk Management are new to many people, but not me.

I’ve come across people where the scenario of “the lights are on but no-one’s home” is true so many times. I’m so thankful that people don’t feel like that with me and that the skills I have are not available “off the shelf”. 

What I have is individuality, surety, respect and a strong desire to get the best for, or out of, your business, or organisation.

With 40 years of experience already behind me, I’m hardly a beginner! 

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Do things Right - But Your Way

If tax doesn't Have to Be Taxing, understanding can be made simple.

What I have learned is that people don’t want to be preached at, or have a text book quoted to them for an hour every week. 

They do not want to be taking part in tick-box exercises like taking some imaginary exam.

They want good honest support.

That is what I give. Sure I’ve got text books galore, but you will never see them.

What you see is me and only me. No gimmicks. No tricks. No hype.

I listen to you. Understand where you are and what you believe you either need, or want, to do. 

Then I will guide and educate you, and your team if necessary, to reach, or even surpass, the point you believe you should be at.

Working with me

Don't Get Caught Out

It's easy to sit back on your Laurels, isn't it?

Just as social media algorithms – or which SEO tags are important – change, the outside world that controls us changes too.

The range of the services I provide comes straight from being a senior manager in a global financial institution.

Over the last four years I have mastered the scalability of key techniques to make them relevant for small and micro businesses especially.

Whether you need help getting your strategy sorted, understanding your risks, getting to grips with data protection, or GDPR, or helping to get the right structure, I can help.

It can be easy to spot outdated techniques and information you control your business with, just by looking at your website and the documents that are visible through it.

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