What is Change Management?

When people think about change, so many think like this; “If it feels right then go with it”. Unfortunately, the statistics don’t agree with them.

If we want, or need, things to change we have to a) be different and b) get things done in a sensible order.

Let’s add another bit of honesty here too. If you don’t know how things will look – or how you should feel about things – when you’ve done, how will you know whether what you’ve done the right thing(s)?

Now whether you follow a textbook method or follow your gut, without thought statistics show that you won’t get what you want. You might think this is a cliché, but, “fail to plan – plan to fail” can become your reality. Don’t let that happen.

When change is right for you

There’s a number of cliched quotations to be used in situations like this, but I’m going to summarise quotations from people far more clever than I. Einstein defined madness as expecting different results when doing the same things every day. And. Leonardo Da Vinci said great things happen when lots of small things happen in the right order. What is going to be the right way to do things for you?

Geeky But Practical.

This subject does need a little bit if geek in it. Here’s the thing you need to think about. “Do I need to worry about the 7 R’s of change management?” The short answer is yes and here’s why.

The best results come when your brain and your emotions run in harmony. This means reign each of them in to, at least, a modicum of sensibility.

Dreaming big means think hard, plan well and get ready for the long haul. This means managing the changes you want to make with new, or revised processes, and a clear view of the future.

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