Hello and welcome

I am Ian.

Let me tell you some things about me.

Well, who would have thought that a little blond boy, the son of a humble decorator, would have such a varied and exciting journey before setting up his own business?

That, once, little blond boy is me. From blond to grey hair and from the office junior to the master of his own destiny. Quite a bit has happened.

I started this business in 2017 following a 36 year banking career that took me all over the world – not bad as I really only stumbled into it. Yes I started banking back in the days when job centres actually had cards in them with the vacancies on and they helped arrange the interview.

That seemed to be all the impetus I needed as I moved up grades and through different banks until I reached the senior management team in the European centre of a leading global financial institution.

What a grounding that was. Here I am with, quite literally, a world of experience and ready to mould it to support SME’s with their regulatory issues and growing pains.

Ian and nature

I’ve mentioned qualifications before and that they’re an important part of the story. I do have some, but they relate to what I know best, not just to show I have an ability to learn.

Here are mine:

  • Prince II Practitioner (2016)
  • ITIL Foundation
  • GDPR Practitioner

Your Dream. My Mission.

Let's Make Things Simple

Running a business isn’t simple. Having the right people around you helps transform the complex into manageable chunks and it brings what feels unattainable within reach.

Let's get It understood

You know what products you want to provide, but you don’t necessarily know what you need to do to be covered against the pitfalls of regulations.

Let's Take It Step-By-Step

It was Leonardo de Vinci that said great things happen when lots of small things happen in the right order.

That means making small steps. Always progressing towards your final goal.

Let's Keep It Moving

I know there’s lots of hard thinking to be done when running a business, or organisation. And that there’s very few absolute right, or wrong, ways of doing things.

I listen to you and let you know, in plain English, how I can help you.

I Believe In Doing the Hard Work For You

Simply put, my mission is to provide individually crafted solutions that will best serve the future of my clients by utilising methods that are both ethically and empathically suited to them.

I am a motivated, customer focused, professional who excels, and revels, in providing effective solutions for the situation being faced.

Historic Buildings
Ian in the Country

One passion I have is travelling through cities discovering those things I have seen on the TV and films over the years.

I am so fortunate to have travelled as extensively as I have. One benefit of having family around the globe is that the inside knowledge can cut the cost considerably.

What with school and work I have picked up a bit of a smattering in three other languages, French, German and Japanese.

History has always intrigued me, so trips to visit landmarks are always on the cards.

This picture was taken in Paris, just below the Notre Dame, the fire there is such a shame but I am sure it will be restored to its former glory.

What about the UK? There are so many lovely places to go in the UK. There’s the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District, the South West, which is where I want to make the best use of my campervan.

Just in case you’re wondering, I do switch-off. I do that best either at a beach, around a swimming pool, or, as in this case, around a lake.

I can also switch off being a bit more active, be that cycling, or walking through our glorious countryside.

Most of my favourite holidays in the UK have been either in the Lake District, or on boat, either on the canals, or the Norfolk broads .

Who I work with

I only work with people that I believe are ready to work with me. Sound brash? – It’s not. It’s practical.

Being at the top can be a lonely place and being ready to take beneficial actions takes blood, sweat and tears.

Knowing, or feeling, you have something that needs attention is more than half the battle. Getting the right person to help you gives you the best chance to win it!

Who I Support

Do you want to grow your business?

Let's do it together