Working With Me

Lets be honest, I could preach at you from the “management and consulting handbook”. But how would that be good for you?

It probably wouldn’t be, right?

So I don’t do that. What you need is teamwork.

Your business is as individual as you are and, in my experience, the only way to provide the right thing, or things, for a business is to listen to them and tailor my knowledge and experience to their situation. To me that’s teamwork

Working with me

What Does This Mean To You?

What this means is that you get the wealth of my 40 years’ of experience to help you to obtain the results that are right for your business.

We can’t all be experts at everything and I am no different. My specialities can be grouped into three main areas of change, compliance and governance. All of these are huge in their own right, it just depends what your particular needs are.


Here are some of the ways I help my clients.

These are just the headlines. There is so much more that sits underneath these seven key messages. Don’t sit around wondering what you can do alone. We all need some help, or a little prod, from time to time. To understand the full benefit of working with me, just book a discovery call. It’s that simple.

Wait There's More!

Change Management

Using techniques that are going to suit you and make the change you want to happen work in the best way for you.​


Understanding how data protection law can affect even the smallest businesses and how you can avoid a hefty bill.


Fail to plan – plan to fail is not folklore. People aren’t just trying to take your money; they’re trying to keep your business alive.

Risk Management

You may make widgets to die for. But everything will fall through the cracks if you do not understand the risks of being in business.


Use your plans to best effect by understanding and using the correct tools to know when you are starting to go off the rails!

Seen Enough?

If you have now seen enough to know you want to now more, use the link below to book your complimentary session.

These aren't just good for a pub quiz...
I get asked these things - A LOT !!

You probably know this, but don’t want to admit it. As soon as you know that some kind of change is necessary talk with someone about it.

Some think it is. It is as much a part of our laws as paying tax, employing people in the right way and other things like that. Ignore it at your peril!

Insurance is a great tool to reduce the risks that you will have in your venture. BUT. You will need to comply with the requirements of the policy for the insurance company to settle the claim in your favour. Otherwise they’ll just decline the claim.

Some people “get by” without making the plans the business books say business owners need.

If you can “get by” just by usng gut instinct, think how much more successful you would be if you put some thought behind it.

The short answer is no. However, there are a loads of checks that should be done when using personal information when cold calling. 

Get more details be calling us now.

Change is important, so thinking that you can skimp on it by doing it quickly is a really bad way to act. So my advice is don’t do things this way!

A common and inaccurate thought. Sole traders, and partnerships for that matter, can mean the proprietor has more personal risk than if they had opened a company.

With fines for non-compliance of registration being 10 times the registration fee, the sooner the better.

We strive to make our clients happy

Things work better when we're a team.