When is it the right time to say I’m finished, or I’m done thank you. Probably not as often as you would like.

The world we live in is constantly changing so saying I’m done, forever, just isn’t realistic. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it is the unfortunate truth.

Every piece of policy, process, protection and strategy will, over time need to change. So how do you know when it needs changing.

Safeguarding your business

I have to be honest, this normally requires an attitude shift for those with a box-ticking view of compliance. It’s worth while though. Things many of us don’t ignore are paying taxes and getting insurance. However, the requirements of just these two elements change.

Tax rules can be mindboggling, but asking the right questions means that you can take advantages of what the financial system has to offer in its entirety. There are also many schemes out there, even encouraged by HMRC, that can allow you to recoup some of your investments/costs.

Really, I’m not lying. There are opportunities to get back some of those hard earned taxation payments if you know what you’re doing.

Insurance is freely provided, but the insurance companies do their research. They make sure that their highest risks are covered adequately. What can happen is that your policy with have a section added as a part of the package. Even if you don’t want it. They can also alter the condition of the cover at every renewal and if you take your eye off the ball you won’t be able to make a claim under that section of the policy.

There’s so many other things that you should take as close a look at as these two topics. If you hire staff, there’s all things HR to consider, pensions, Health & Safety and much more.

Safeguarding your staff

Why would you not want to provide a good environment for your most valuable asset? It’s surprisingly easy to help your staff feel and be safe.

I’m not talking about creating a cotton wool box for them to work in. it’s about being practical. Risks exist in any organisation, it’s your job to minimise them.

Guidelines from CIPD, HSE and ISO are all there to help. Staff that feel safe in their environment normally feel more engaged. Without realising it the give more. More time. More effort. And you get better results.

It’s up to you to make sure that you have the correct documentation, and/or certificates, to show that you comply with the minimum expected standards. Why wouldn’t you want content staff?

Let’s be honest, they’ll always want more money for what they do, it’s just human nature. I’m not saying ignore it, I’m suggesting the opposite. Embrace it. Provide a framework that rewards the maintenance of high standards and high productivity.

Reviewing structures within your organisation can provide areas of progression. These can be brilliant for staff to progress naturally through your organisation as it expands. It’s all part of getting, and keeping, your business fit.

Safeguarding yourself

This is the most controversial element in this article. Why? Because people most often think its about narcissism. I disagree.

If you make sure that, as the business owner – or a senior manager – in an organisation, appropriate measures are taken your interactions are protected. You are not only following many guidelines (including some laws), you are also being practical.

How? You will be providing your staff with more security. You will make the business, or organisation, less exposed to reputational damage and you will be making the business more resilient. All this from safeguarding yourself.

You will provide a secure footing for the rest of your business to be built upon. It just takes continued effort. There isn’t really any time when you can say “thank you I’m done”. You must keep on top of changes in rules, regulations and guidelines by constantly reviewing the situation and use the odd specialist to check things through.

Constant review means creating an annual cycle through which every major policy and strategy gets a review. Every document will not need changing every year, but unless you look at it, you can fall below the bar without even realising it.

If this rings bells with you, do get in touch as there’s so much that can be done quite quickly and inexpensively.

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