Welcome to our shiny new site

Well here it is, welcome to our shiny new site.

There’s lots that has changed and as always there’ll be lots more to change – and maybe some new features in the future.

I have to say that without the help of Kathy Ennis and Emma Goode this transformation would not have been possible. Thank you ladies, you are incredible!


First there’s standardising our logo. Our old one served us well, but everything moves forward.

This ties in everything we having been doing over the last 4 years. Identifying the red flags and being trusted to provide solutions that leave people calm, or at least calmer, about how to move forwards effectively.

Eye Bray New Logo

These are key elements to me and it’s where I see the value of what I do. Providing clarity where there was once confusion or concern.


What you’re seeing is the first step of an evolving site, becoming more interactive over time.

There will be more blogs, as usual, but other things too. There will be features, a document library, a look at some case studies and lots more.

It would be good to hear from you as to what you want to get information about. We all need feedback to know how to improve what we provide.


Most things come, in time, and how this website looks and operates in the future will be no different.

Not all of the functionality I want will be here on day 1 – but there is a plan.

As always, a plan needs to be flexible, so what can I produce that will help you on your journey to having a better business or organisation?


Those that know me best also know that for me to be happy with something, I have to feel that I have done my best. That, to me, shows a desire to provide quality results.

I don’t want 100’s of clients. I want clients who know that I will always do my best for them. Yes that will mean some awkward conversations at some point. 

I know that I have to be the one to adapt my knowledge to the risk appetite of my client. I can, and I am very happy to, highlight any risks that a client exposes themselves too, even if it is unintentional. 

Working with them to get the best result for them is my aim. It’s not my business, or organisation, it’s theirs. Because I want the best for them it can be hard sometimes to give honest critique, but that’s why they ask me to get involved.

The solutions that are put in place are always ones that are aligned to my clients ethos.

Richard Branson has commented on numerous occasions that he surrounds himself with different specialists so that he knows the best way forward for his business. Yes, sometimes he takes things into his own hands, but that’s what great leaders do.

If you want to know more about the details of what I do, look at my other blogs. 

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