Track & Trace

Track & Trace and Protecting Personal Data

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So, who knows their alphabet? These are the guidelines to store information about Track & Trace set out in a nice and easy A to E format. . Ask only for what is necessary.Be transparent with customers. Carefully store the data. Don’t use it for other purposes. Erase it in line with government guidance. Any […]

Am I doing Data Protection Right?

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So many times, I get asked am I doing data protection right? The real crunch is, it’s personal. It’s perspective. While the main driver is attitude, there are six questions you need to answer yes to. Do I only collect, and use, the personal data I need to?Do I keep it to a minimum?Am I […]

What internal documents do I need for GDPR?

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The ICO is all about evidence and attitude when it comes to small business. So, this little beauty is to help you understand the internal documents you need for GDPR and why. You need to accept how important it is that any evidence your organisation has to support this is vital. Whether it is on […]