The two peas have been whirling inside the brain of Eye Bray over the past few weeks and we think we’ve come up with something special.

We are excited to be able to offer a service plan with a difference. With effect from 1st September 2020 we will be introducing flexible support packages for our clients.

It will be available to any organisation for a wide variety of products, or services, of ours. You can now choose a service package that gives you access to support you can control to meet your budget.

Now organisations of any size can secure a support package to meet their needs and their budget. We think that’s special.

What’s Special About Our Service Package

What’s special is that you have the power to choose the amount of time you want in your package. You can choose to receive anything from 3 to 36 hours of support in any 12 month period. You pay for the support monthly and you can either use it as you go, or store it up for use at set, or various, points throughout the year.

You will get regular statements detailing the hours earned, the hours used and the balance available.

Our existing pay-as-you-go option will still be there. However, there are extra benefits from signing an agreement lasting for a minimum of 12 months. For contracted customers you can use up to three months of time before you pay for it, subject to certain conditions.

Service Package Headline Conditions

The support will be available as soon as the qualifying number of payments have been made. The last payment should be made at the end of the contract. All support meetings will be a minimum of 30 minutes.

It will always be the responsibility of the customer to utilise the time they have available within their package. Their monthly statement will show what is available. Contracts will need to be renewed by the expiry date for continuity to remain and for unused hours of support to be carried into the new period without any penalty.

Certain discounts will be available within this structure, from time to time. However, for those who believe their interactions will be more one-off in their nature, this support package structure may not be the best way to interact with the Company. It will be possible to combine one-off tasks (like a data audit) with our flexible support structure.

Products Available Under the Scheme

A wide variety of consultancy based products provided by Eye Bray will be available under this scheme. The only exceptions are: Data Protection Impact Assessments, Data Breach Investigations, Data Protection by Design consultations and ad-hoc consultancy acting as a Data Protection Officer.

Training will not be part of the scheme either as there are separate pricing structures for virtual and physical training provisions.

The Benefit of Having Continuous Support Available

Whether you have time, or not, in a particular month to continue with an improvement or review of regulatory compliance this structure will enable you to utilise your time most efficiently and effectively.

Our support has been designed to provide our customers with the ultimate choice of how, when and where to interact with us. This will be the most effective way to budget for and have access to continuous support. The beauty of having expert ears to call upon at any time, subject to a certain amount of flexibility is that it makes you feel secure – after all we’re all entitled to a holiday every decade or so.

Customer Service
Customer service matters to us

For further information, contact us through the website (www.eyebray.com), on email through enquiries@eyebray.com, or by phone on either 01708 930677 or 07943211611.

Examples of what we have done can be found on our “About Us” page, https://eyebray.com/about/ .

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