Working With Me

I’m an Essex boy through and through, but don’t worry, I divorced my white sports socks long ago. Also, I’ve learned to be more sophisticated, so you won’t get loads of quotations from the management handbook, or the consulting handbook, you’ll get a common-sense, and practical, approach you’d expect from an experienced Brentwood based professional consultant.

I’m increasingly finding the only way to provide the right thing, or things, for a business is to listen first. Then, I can tailor my experience to the issues you are facing. To me that has teamwork smacked all over it. Surely that’s better than some local oik preaching at you all day!

What Does This Mean To You?

This is me

You get my 40 years of experience, from the best training grounds there are, to help you get the best results for your business.

We can’t be experts at everything – and I am no different. My specialities can be grouped into three main areas; Change, Compliance & Standards and Risk Management. Yes they’re huge in their own right, but they all have specialities within them, like insurance and HR, where I rely on my trusted network for support. What it means to you is you get the right help concentrating on your particular needs.

We can start simple by reviewing your business plan and, if it’s needed, create one that provides you with the springboard you need.

I can help to make every change you make successful and keep it working for you as you grow.

Some of these changes need revisions, or even new, policies and procedures that I can help make personal and practical.

You get to understand how running a business can be easier by helping you create standards, through a governance framework, that suits you now and into the future.

I understand how many rules and regulations can affect your business and can help you avoid the pains of being caught out and help you understand the other risks that your business has, just by being open.

I can help you gain better contracts by help you attain recognised industry standards like BS, or BSEN and even ISO standards.

There’s always tying everything together by bringing planning, governance and practical processes together to keep all your hard-earned work working in the best possible way.

So, if you’re a business based in, or near, Brentwood then I could be just what you need to avoid becoming victims of common business pitfalls. We can all need some help, or a little prod from time to time and to understand more about how I can help you just book a discovery call. It can be that simple.

To Summarise

I help you to find, and make the most of, change management techniques that will suit you make the changes you want, or need, to make work in the best way for you.

I help you to understand how you can do things right, from a compliance perspective, can provide significantly better results for your business – even in the smallest businesses.

I can help tailor that business plan you have, or if you haven’t create one, that will help you to fall in love with your business in a different way.

While you concentrate on making the best “widgets” possible, I can help you make sure nothing falls though the cracks so that you understand all of the risks that appear in your business. I help you understand risk management techniques so that you can take care of these things going forward.

To keep you keep on top of things in your business I provide you with governance tools that are right for you. These will help you to save yourself to fall off the rails so that your business can thrive rather than survive.

If you want a Brentwood based business consultant that works with you to give you practical solutions, rather than preach at you, then I’m your man!