What is Your New Reality?

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The professionals use jargon like continuity & sustainability and operational resilience, but let’s dispense with that and just ask what would your new reality really look like? Let’s be honest your office work is governed by processes and these need to link up properly if things are to work well, like a jigsaw.  Pictorially it […]

Information Security Precautions When Working at Home

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To start with the box ticking element of this, your internal documentation should include an information security policy and included in that should be the information security precautions when working from home. So, what is information security? Its all of the rules and processes that help keep the information in your company safe, secure and […]

How Can I Keep Calm in a Crisis

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There are two very corporate phrases that exist, in “business continuity” and “operational resilience”, but it really means how can I keep my business going in times where my normal way of operating cannot continue.  In other words, “How can I keep as calm as possible in a crisis?” Many businesses are very much a […]

visualisation of change

Start With The End in Mind

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Isn’t it a cliché when you want to change something your bank manager or your accountant will say make sure you start with the end in mind. Is this really jargon, or something made up so that people can make money out of you?  Haven’t you already done something different so that you can adapt […]

My first radio experience

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My first radio experience was an interview on Ian Leigh’s drive time show at Phoenix 98 FM in July 2019 https://www.phoenixfm.com/ .  It all came about as part of a sponsorship package, for the 2019 Brentwood Business Awards. Experiencing the studio and what goes on before, during and after was extremely insightful.  Experiencing it for the […]